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Hygienic Touchscreens

HYGTouch® - Hygienic-Touchscreens

The hygienic-touchscreen-series HYGTouch®, available in different sizes up to 26", has a special surface, which consists of a closed, completely cemented touch foil, which is fixed by an optical adhesive layer in the cleanroom. This special construction prevents a soil edge because the junction from the touchscreen to the decor foil or the mechanic is eliminated.

The mechanic is equipped with an antimicrobial AMIK®-surface, which is easy to clean and resistant against chemicals. On the front side, a protection degree over IP65 is achieved. Problems with temperature variations and watercondensation can be prevented.  

This solution was developped especially for the hygienic challenges in the medical and food sector as well as for the pharma industry, but also for high level applications in the industry.

HYGTouch® - front view
HYGTouch® - back view

Outside of the viewing range, single keys and complete keyboards can be integrated. Even here we are your competent partner when the combination of different input technologies is concerned. The above mentioned advantages are also increasingly applicated in the industrial sector. 

In addition, we offer optical bonding technology both under vacuum and by
means of wet bonding. Here, under clean room conditions both touchscreen
and glass are bonded or adhesively bonded to the display.

Benefit from our long lasting experience!