KM-Gehäusetech Elektronik

Stick plug-in unit with knuri screw 3HE 10TE, order number: 19"ES-8xRJ4510TE

patch field 8xRJ45 stick plug-in unit 3HE 10TE 19" rack

patch field 8xRJ45 on spring clip, suited for signal transmission from rack to rack per Cat 5/6/7 cable, simple handling as all connections are completely labeled, incl. separate connection for ground

  • for the transmission from rack to rack, 2 assembly groups are necessary
  • incl. processing of front side: outbreak for RJ45 connection panel
  • incl. 2x knurled screws
  • incl. circiut board RJ45 patch field on spring clip
    (8x8 pole Phoenix up to 1mm²)
    (1x2 pole up to 2,5 mm² for mass and screen)
  • front panel uni-colored printed
  • assembly completely mechanically and electrically mounted