KM-Gehäusetech Elektronik


Operating principle

The infrared-touchscreen is surrounded by a frame which contains IR-light sources, the detectors are on the opposite side. Thereby, an invisible curtain is projected in vertical and horizontal direction. As soon as the raster is interrupted by an object, the position can be defined.

input method: finger or soft object
operating temperature: -20 to 50°C at 20-85% rel. humidity
storage temperature: -40 to 70°C at 10-90% rel. humidity
transparency: > 90%
linearity: X / Y: </= 1%
bounce time </= 10ms
surface hardness: 7H
durability test: 50.000.000 on one point
advantages: disadvantages:
100% transparency expensive, durability is determined by the diodes
exact Evtl. fault of the parallel axis, undesired activating
low resolution, no protection of the display surface  


size dimension order number, without controller wire connection drawing specifications carrier glass
12,0” 04:03 TSI12-0-8-2-8S-N 8 connector 1,25 mm/ 0.05 inch .pdf .pdf 2,8 mm/ 0.11 inch
15,0” 04:03 TSI15,0-8/2,8S-N 8 connector 1,25 mm/ 0.05 inch .pdf .pdf 2,8 mm/ 0.11 inch

In this technology, all sizes from 12" to 80" are generally possible

The carrier glass can be chosen freely and can be delivered in breakproof acryl glass for the food industry or for a sensitive environment.