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There are different kinds of touchscreens:

Accessories for Touchscreens

Of course you can get a great variety of accessories for touchscreens:

Touch-Controller >

Touch-Controller-Chips >

Touch Sticks >


We deliver displays of all kind, from LCD and OLED up to TFT
and refine
touch screens and displays using optical bonding.
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The modular frame enclosure
KM-Open-Frame (KOF) suits especially
for the installation of displays with
customized manufacturing for defined
circuit boards, controller and other
electronic components.   


Many different designs and learn
more about chassis connectors
you can find here >

Mobile TC cart

Mobiles TFT mounting system
Digital mobile TV cart
Mobile TV cart for the transport

Different versions and more about mobile TC carts can you find here >

Stick plug-in unite

Patch field 8xRJ45 stick plug-in unit 3HE 10TE 19" rack

patch field 8xRJ45 on spring clip, suited for signal transmission from rack to rack per Cat 5/6/7 cable, simple handling as all connections are completely labeled, incl. separate connection for ground

More about stick plug-in unit

Standard climate module KSKM

The climate module KSKM-int.001/24
enables that your displays or electronics
remain functional even outdoors.
More you can find here >

Interfaces isolator

USB-isolator to protect interfaces and to prevent ESD damage, ground loops and potential loss.

More information >

USB-interface isolator

Standard USB-interface isolator
KM-Standard USB-interface isolator incl. aluminum enclosure in black or raw

Quick and easy to integrate into existing systems.
Now also possible with enclosure.

More information about the USB-interface isolator you can find here >


RFID-USB-DONGLE UHF one of the smallest UHF RFID-reader ("Radio Frequency Identification")
Art. No.: RFID-GH-75613-01


More information about RFID-USB-DONGLE UHF

RFID-USB-DONGLE NFC transponder reader
Item No.: RFID-GH-76433-01

more information about RFID-USB-DONGLE NFC


RFID-USB-MODUL a universal UHF RFID-reader platform
Art. No.: RFID-MO-75613-01

More information about RFID-USB-MODUL