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Plastic enclosures

Intelligently prepared - versatile - thought out

Through the consistent use of flexible tool insets, we set standards for the number of possible housing variants. Our aim is to offer mounting solutions for as many components as possible that are currently on the market. In most cases, time- and cost-intensive follow-up work is no longer needed.

Our product line includes:

- small cases- mountable housings
- handheld cases- add-on housings
- operator housings for table and wall- display- and monitoring housings
- comprehensive accessories- charging trays/wall holders

Handheld enclosures: TAW-series

Handheld enclosures: L-series

Monitor housing: KEYTOUCH-series

Monitor housing: KEYTOUCH-series

Handheld-, desktop- and wall mounting enclosure: WINNER-series

Desktop enclosure: TOP-Serie

Akku-enclosure/ Akku-drawer-enclosure:

Akku-enclosure: APP-2, APP-3

Akku-enclosure: APP-2, APP-3
Akku-drawer-enclosure: AKS





Scanner- and antenna-housings:

Scanner- and antenna-housings


USB-connector housing for customized circuit boards:

USB-connector housing for customized circuit boards


Customized enclosure

Customized enclosure




Color: red, orange, blue, silver, gold, black



Standard foil keyboards:

T4 (4 keys) to T62 (62 keys)

Standard silicone keyboards:

S22 (22 keys)

Customized foil keyboards

Bracket mounting systems and holders

bracket mounting systems and holders

Bracket mounting systems, holders and supporting pedestals for TFT-monitor

User-friendly and ergonomic designed fastening systems for monitors, bracket mounting systems and supporting pedestals made of aluminum and stainless steel belong to our wide product range.

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