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Akku-enclosure series APP

base plate
Akku-enclosure series APP
Akku-enclosure APP-2, H= 26 mm/ 1.02 inch
Akku-enclosure series APP
Akku-enclosure APP-3, H= 44 mm/ 1.73 inch
Akku-enclosure series APP

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The battery-enclosures APP were not only developped to snap them on our enclosures but can be fixed at any place on enclosures and front plates. Therefore, a basic plate for the snapping of the APP-enclosure is available (picture above on the left). The basic plate can be fixed on any enclosure with a suitable aperture. The enclosures are designed for the installation of large battery-capacities (see technical data). An aperture (with plug) can house a 2-pole female connector for the direct charging with plug charging device.

The APP-enclosures can be delivered in different standard versions. This offers various possibilities. Two or three contacts are provided.

Technical data

dimension113 x 79 x 26 (44) mm
4.45 x 3.11 x 1.02 (1.73) inch
materialABS (material change possible)
colorlight gray RAL 7035
black RAL 9005
protection degreeup to IP54 according to EN 60529
surfaceEMI- and ESD-version possible
dielectrical strength24 kV/mm according to DIN 53481
flammabilityUL94HB (V0 possible)
circuit board layers1
weightbasic plate ca. 30 g
battery enclosure APP-2 (H=26mm) ca. 70 g
battery enclosure APP-3 (H=44mm) ca. 80 g