About us

With our clever designs for housing solutions made of plastic and aluminium,
we aim to help you save time and money.

When searching for a succession plan of the company founder Heinrich Kundisch
is excreted reasons of age in 2009, we found in the family Wöhr the right partner.
existing infrastructure in the Wöhr group and the excellent know-how provide
the ideal base, our brand and development, production and distribution of the
product range continue and expand in its entirety.

Not only stylish, yet timeless housing solutions are within our range of products
to choose from, but increasingly the appropriate development and manufacture
systems engineering solutions. For this, we use especially the intelligent,
constructive preparation our enclosures for mounting a plurality of components
(e.g. displays, embedded boards, touch-screens, front foils and much more) and
the assembly services of components together with associated documentation.

Not only in the broad standard selection of our scalable modular systems we are also a competent service provider in the area of customer specific solutions available - ranging from mechanical components made of aluminum or steel sheet on production-ready finished plastic moldings in 3D CAD to complete devices and your system-complete solution.

The assembly of complete systems, as well as additional commissioning, training, maintenance and support and repair service made either with us or directly on-site with you.

We have developed into one oriented to customer-specific solutions specialists, which its customers excited by flexibility, quality and reliability time and again.

The rapid progress and the increased importance of systems engineering solutions in the field of industrial and medical environment are daily practiced motivation and incentive for our team

- Yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Challenge us - we look forward to your specifications and enriching!


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