KM-Gehäusetech Elektronik

order number USB-AnsV1/A-A0150

Technical data
rated voltage: AC/DC
nominal voltage range: max. 30 V
rated current: 900 mA
number of terminations: 9
cable length: 1,5 m
transfer rate: 5 GBit/s
USB standard: 3.0
contact type: 1 : 1
shielding: yes
General data
design: USB 3.0 sockert type A
pollution degree: 3
insultation resistance: >100 MΩ
contact resistance: <30 mΩ
IP rating: IP 65 in closed and IP 20 in inserted condition
housing material: connector: PA, plug: PBT, cover: PE
contact material: CuSn, gold-plated
field installation: front plate cutout D=22,5 mm/ 0.89 inch
cable jacket: PVC black
cable diameter: 6,1 mm/ 0,24 inch
cable temperature range : fixed: -25 °C to 80 °C; in motion: -15 °C to 80 °C
operation temperature range: -25°C to 70°C
mechanical service life: >100 insertion cycles
dimension: (D×T) 29,5/ 1.16 × 45 mm/ 1.77 inch, installation depth appr. 70 mm/ 2.76 inch
weight (kg/piece): 0,094 kg

Contained in scope of delivery: nonvolatile protection cap